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The C3 Project Team

Many diverse individuals and organizations played an important role in helping the C3 Project team work to build national consensus and explore issues of central importance to the CHW field overall. Both CHWs
and CHW allies were at the center of this work.  See their many names below:

Phase One Team


  • E. Lee Rosenthal, Project Director/PI

  • Carl H. Rush, Research Director

  • Caitlin Allen, Project Coordinator

  • Jorge M. Ibarra, Logistics & Outreach Coordinator

  • Jessica Uriarte, Project Research Assistant


  • Sergio Matos

  • Don Proulx

  • Noelle Wiggins

CHW Fellows

  • Catherine Gray Haywood, Co-Chair of Advisory Committee and CHW Network Review Group 

  • Jacqueline Ortiz Miller, Co-Chair of Advisory Committee and CHW Network Review Group

Advisory Committee

  • Mariela Ardemagni-Tollin

  • Dan Baden

  • Leticia Boughton Price

  • J. Nell Brownstein

  • Kathy Burgoyne

  • Maria Lémus

  • Susan Mayfield Johnson

  • Katherine Mitchell

  • Jessie Pérez

  • Samantha Sabo

  • Laurene Sarrachino

  • Sornia Joseph

  • Freddy Zambrano 

CHW Network Review Advisory Group

  • Tatyana Gorodetsky

  • Paula Saldaña

  • June Muñoz

  • Carol West

  • Napualani Spock

  • Hosseinali Shahidi

  • Qadrriyyah McKinnis

  • Scott Smith

  • Jake Coffey

  • Sherri Ohly

  • Kim Bush

  • Katy Nimmons

  • Joelisa Castillo, CHW Network Review Advisory Fellow

Readers Panel

  • Durrell Fox, Co-Chair

  • Gail Hirsch, Co-Chair

  • Naomi Cottoms

  • Lauren Edmundson

  • Cam Escoffery

  • Lizzie Fussell

  • Dawn Heffernan

  • Kim Kratz

  • Susan Kunz

  • Beth Lamarre

  • Beverly MacCarty

  • Betsy Rodriguez

  • Janey Skinner

  • Julie Smithwick

  • Edward Thomas

  • Ashley Wennerstrom

​Collaborating Organizations

  • Collaboration in planning and implementation: CHW Section of the American Public Health Association: Chair Mae-Gilene Begay (2015) and Wandy Hernandez (2014)

  • Administered by the National Area Health Education Centers Organization
    Fiscal agent: Texas AHEC East, Coastal Region
    Administrative Team: Leslie Hargrove, Texas AHEC East and Rob Trachtenberg, NAO

  • Support for the Project on CHW Policy and Practice at the Institute for Health Policy

    • Héctor G. Balcázar

    • Stephen Linder

Participating CHW Networks

  • Arizona Community Health Worker Association

  • Arkansas Community Health Worker Association

  • Chicago CHW Local Network

  • Community Health Worker Initiative of Sonoma County

  • Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo

  •  Community Health Worker Network of NYC

  • Community Health Workers Association of Connecticut

  • COWNT Coalition of Springfield, MA

  • Dallas-Ft. Worth CHW Association

  • Florida CHW Coalition, Inc.

  • Georgia Community Health Worker Network

  • Georgia Health Care Partnership

  • La Presa Community Center (San Antonio)

  • Louisiana Community Health Outreach Network

  • Maryland Community Health Worker Association

  • Massachusetts Association of Community Health Workers

  • Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance

  • Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance

  • New Mexico Community Health Worker Association

  • Northern Texas Community Health Worker Resource Coalition

  • Oregon Community Health Worker Association

  • Promotores de Salud Community Health Workers of the Northwest

  • South Carolina Community Health Worker Association

  • Texas Gulf Coast CHWs/Promotores Association

  • United Voices Collaborative of Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin Community Health Worker Alliance Peer Exchange Network

Phase Two Team

Project Administration

  • E. Lee Rosenthal - Project Director/PI

  • Jorge Ibarra*

  • Belinda Sanchez

  • Colton Palmer

  • Sarah Masoud

  • Paige Menking

Advisory Chairs

  • Floribella Redondo

  • Gail Hirsch

Settings Core Team

  • E. Lee Rosenthal*

  • Julie St.John*

  • Jorge Ibarra

  • Lex Hurley

  • Colton Palmer​​

Settings Advisors

  • Fernando Pineda-Reyes

  • Rhonda Lay

  • Napualani Spock

  • Mariela Ardemagni-Tollin

  • Héctor G. Balcázar

​Assessment Core Team

  • Caitlin Allen*

  • J. Nell Brownstein*

  • Maria Cole

  • Gail Hirsch

Assessment Advisors

  • Keara Rodela

  • Susie Mae Williamson

  • Leslie Hargrove

  • Qadrriyyah M. McKinnis

  • Gail G. McCray

  • Timothy Berthold​


  • Carl Rush*

  • Durrell Fox*

  • Lisa Renee Holderby-Fox

Senior Advising Partners

  • Sergio Matos

  • Wandy Hernandez

  • Geoff Wilkinson

  • Maria Lémus

  • Noelle Wiggins

  • Mae-Gilene Begay

  • Betsy Rodriguez

​Editors & Project Documentarians

  • Gail Hirsch

  • Don Proulx


Convening Facilitator

  • Catherine Tornbom

Funder Lead Liaison

  • Anita McDonnell

(*) –Team Lead

Project Administration Project Base: Phase 1 and 2 of the C3 Project was based in the Department of Medical Education at the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, home to C3 Project Principal Investigator/Director, E. Lee Rosenthal, PhD, MS, MPH. The C3 Project was carried out in collaboration with the Project on CHW Policy and Practice at the UT Health Science Center at Houston’s School of Public Health in the Institute for Health Policy, home to Project Co-Director Carl H. Rush, MRP. The C3 Project was additionally carried out in collaboration with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, home to Project Co-Principal Investigator, Julie St. John, DrPH. 

Project Funding and Support: Phase 1 of the C3 Project was supported by The Amgen Foundation. Supplemental support of that phase was provided by the CHW Apprenticeship Project, Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Phase 2 of the C3 Project was generously supported by Sanofi U.S. as one of their several investments in the CHW workforce. We acknowledge and applaud their investment in making the CHW workforce stronger, while supporting CHW self-determination. We especially would like to thank Anita McDonnell for her leadership in these Sanofi U.S. investments and support of the C3 Project.

In-kind Support: Both phases of the C3 Project were supported by numerous in-kind efforts. We thank the Community Health Worker Section of the American Public Health Association; Community Resources, LLC; Mesa Public Health Associates, LLC; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; CHW stakeholders and advocates, and the numerous participating CHW networks, associations, and alliances nationwide.

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